Having a mother with impeccable taste and a sister educated in the field of interior design, it is quite fair to assume that I have grown up surrounded by beautiful furniture and interiors. It hasn't been until recently that I have been able to look around at the house I grew up in and appreciate the gorgeous pieces my mother has collected over the years. There are so many hidden treasures that went unnoticed simply because they had always been there. Now, these pieces have begun to creep out from my overlooking eye and into the forefront of my mind. 

Perhaps it's the half-Pacific Islander gene in me (the other half, as you know, belongs to the Irish), but I love an Asian influence in interior design. Typically found in rich mahogany's or painted black, each piece is massive in size and structure but still elegant and artful. Saturated colors are precisely strewn throughout each piece, begging to stand out and be the focal point in any room. My style is much like that also; simple in body but ornate in embellishment. I love clean lines, but am lured towards powerful prints and unpredictable details. In my room, I have had a small hand-painted Asian cabinet acting as a bookshelf slash filing cabinet. Now, thanks to my mother and father's brawn (for helping me retrieve it from the attic), I have a beautiful (and very heavy) chinoiserie screen, which I thought was the perfect backdrop for an impromptu shoot with my Asian inspired Burning Torch dress from Anthropologie. Every room, (and closet) deserves a dramatic element - mine just so happens to stand 6 feet tall.

Dress: Anthropologie, Wedges: Zara (similar styles here and an affordable alternative here), Necklace: Anthropologie, Rings: Henri Bendel, Bracelets have been passed down from my maternal grandmother, to my mother, to me