A Chance of Trench

Lately I've been spending a lot more time styling my friends and helping them refresh their spring wardrobe. During an impromptu styling session, I directed my friends towards LOFT during their additional 40% off sale items promotion. LOFT is one of my go-to places - they produce a quality, classic product every season that is reflected in their reasonable prices. Besides beginning my retail career at LOFT, I find that I continue to gravitate towards their pieces when I get dressed. Their sale promotions are some of the best, and I am always eager to find the hidden treasures tucked away for only small percentage of the original cost.

This trench was found in a crowded corner of their sale section, and the beautiful blue caught my attention almost immediately. Before even trying it on, everything in me said, "BUY THE TRENCH!" Especially when I buy outerwear or jackets, I check the inside to see how the piece was constructed and manufactured. I stumbled as I worked on unbuttoning the double breasted buttons and peeked inside to find it fully lined and machine washable. I scurried into the dressing rooms while quickly pecking out other items along my way: a navy and white jacquard wrap mini skirt (which goes perfectly with the trench), an over-sized black and white knit poncho.... I threw them into a pile on my dressing room bench and ripped off my clothes. The trench gracefully draped itself over my shoulders and onto my arms, and I just knew. This is love.

Due to my fashion design training, I always check the construction of a garment before purchasing it. To elaborate what I looked for when I first spotted this coat, I check if it is fully lined, what the fabric content is, how it needs to be maintained and simply if the seaming is straight and well executed. Basically, I make sure an item is worth the money it is asking for and if I think the piece will benefit my wardrobe as well as LAST for a long time. This trench fit all of my qualifications, with a price tag that was hard to beat. Currently, LOFT's sale has only gotten better, with an additional 60% off their sale items. This trench is currently on sale for $40 bucks!

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Trench: Loft (on sale now for an ADDITIONAL 60% OFF), Tube top: Susana Monaco, Denim: James Jeans-High Waisted Hunter, Heels: Schutz, Purse: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Rings: Henri Bendel