Surprise! I won't even ask if you guys see anything different; I think the blonde hair is pretty obvious! I decided to try something new this spring - and I'm so happy that I did! I've never done anything this extravagant with my hair before and figured that there was no better time to switch it up and be daring than on my 23rd birthday (Cinco de mayo)! With my new hair and this new Zara dress, I feel oh-so lovely and very me

To me, an easy dress in a gorgeous saturated color is always a no-brainer. Dresses in general have an unaltered simplicity to them, and much like Beyonce's "I woke up like this", carry a literal "I just threw this on" stereotype. It's quite alluring really, how powerful we are and the influence we can have over a dress.  We each have something to say, and can say it very differently even if we were all to wear the same thing. Dresses allow you to "come as you are" with no additional work necessary. That's what I dearly love about them.  

It was Yves Saint Laurent that once said: "Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it." Without sewing ourselves into the seams of our dresses, our influence and personality take over our outwardly appearance. Our confidence, strength and femininity amplify, and as the world sees us for our inwardly beauty, we see that beauty too. Today, I feel like I'm radiant. I'm happy to have made it to 23 and to have so much more of life ahead of me. 

Thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. I am so honored to know I have such an influence in my little piece of the world, and that I am here to promote more than fashion, but beauty and self-love. Thank you to my readers and friends, I am proud to know each of you - Thank you for the continuous encouragement everyday. With you, I am ready to take on this next year. Happy 23 to me! Let's make it our goal to acknowledge our own radiance.

Dress: Zara, Shoes: Aeropostale (I'm in love with these but these are a great cheaper alternative), Sunglasses: Chloe (this year's version here), Purse: Louis Vuitton, Rings: Henri Bendel, Bee Necklace: Beaufort's Calypso Cottage