If We Could Pass Down Boldness

Hey guys! 

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I spontaneously decided to take a mini-vacation from the blog. Lately I've felt like I needed to find time to get away, take a moment to rejuvenate and become inspired again. Everything seemed so bleak and boring, and I needed to start to shake things up a bit. Thanks to a short family beach trip, I feel like I was able to fully recover from a lack of new ideas and I am back to feeling energized! Sometimes all you really need is some time away from reality to appreciate the present, stop worrying about the future and soak in life. I feel more motivated than ever. 

During my vacation, I pulled out my newest purchase from Anthropologie - a beautiful fully embroidered maxi dress by Ranna Gill. The cobalt blue is electric and takes a more exciting approach to a traditional embroidery pattern. It's airy and comfortable - perfect for these humid, hot summer days. I shared the top of this dress on my Instagram last week along with one of my favorite necklaces. I love how jewelry can be passed down through generations, and how pieces can amplify in value because of the sentimentality it possesses.  Do you have a necklace, or a ring that holds priceless worth? This necklace is one of mine.

As I shared on my Instagram, my father was in the military and shortly after my birth,  he was transferred from Melbourne, Florida to Germany. We spent only a few years there, but my mother took full advantage of living in Europe and would travel frequently to cities and countries close to us. Even as young as we were, she wanted my sister and I to experience culture, so she would take us on explorations. She was spontaneous. She was strong. She was BOLD. I credit a lot of my independence, my strong-willed personality, and desire to travel to her. At 27 years old with two children under the age of 5, my mother managed to navigate her way through unknown cities on her own; sometimes not knowing a word of their language but adamant for her daughters to see the beauty of the world.

On one trip however, she left my sister and I home and traveled to Rome with a friend. Across the street from St. Peter's Basilica, she bought two of these Murano glass necklaces with a depiction of Mary holding baby Jesus in the center. She sent both necklaces in to Vatican City and had them blessed by the Pope, a prayer for the person who would wear it. My sister and I learned of their existence a few years after my mother's trip, but we weren't given the necklaces until we each turned sixteen. I'm happy she waited so long to give it to me; I understood and appreciated it's value so much more.

I've had many opportunities to go back to Europe, and have brought this necklace back with me. When I studied abroad in Paris, we took a long weekend and went to Rome. I brought this necklace back to Vatican City, as I myself explored the city my mother once did. If we could pass down boldness, what would it look like? To me, this necklace is symbolic of that eagerness to learn and eagerness to seek, both in places and in myself.

I found the golden strand hung perfectly in the deep-V of my dress. It's shine added just the right touch of femininity and boldness. That's what I think of when I wear this necklace. I think of my mother, and I think of being bold. That time spent with her in my early life is an encouragement to me in my current life. She encouraged us to travel, explore, seek everything on a myriad of levels.... I think of the places I haven't yet explored and those that my mother so graciously let me see all those years ago. I think of the person I've been molded into, and how my life has been blessed by having a strong woman pour out her love and courage over me my entire life. Thank you Mom, for being so bold. I hope to continue living boldly, taking chances, exploring God's creations... and one day, I'll pass that down too.

Dress: Anthropologie (in love with all of Ranna Gill dresses, this one especially), Sandals: Loeffler Randall , Necklace: purchased in Rome, Rings: Henri Bendel

Do you have sentimental items of jewelry that were gifted or passed down to you from someone you love? Share with me in the comments!