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Amore - Ryuichi Sakamoto

Being a musician and a dancer, I'm always open to finding new music to listen to. Music can really take you places - I especially love listening to film scores; the music can add more emotion to something that otherwise wasn't. Sometimes I'll close my eyes in the movie theater and just listen. There are several movies I'll watch just to listen to the score.

I heard Ryuichi Sakamoto's music for the first time not to long ago and feel in love. It happened quite literally actually, because the song was named Amore. He too, has composed music for many Japanese films, dating back to the early '80s.. Since my first encounter, I've listened to more of his works and regularly play his station on my Pandora. It's exactly what you need to listen to when you need to relax. A true master of music.




Carin Olsson is a travel blogger who moved to Paris for what she thought would be 4 months and never left. I'm obsessed with her images and have fallen hard for her story - she makes me miss my moments in Paris with every Instagram picture she takes. She also shows you some of the chicest places to eat and shares fun Parisian finds that only a true Parisian would know about.  Take me back...


Mozzarella & Grape Tomato Crackers

Probably one of the simplest summer snacks that doesn't require cooking or baking, are these delicious little Mozzarella and Grape Tomato Crackers. Cut thin slices of fresh mozzarella cheese, and slice the grape tomatoes. Top the cheese and the tomatoes on top of your favorite cracker... and there you have it. I like to sprinkle fresh ground pepper on top for an added bite.


Rebecca Taylor