Two Sisters, One Dress


I am thrilled to be featuring my most favorite person in the world with you in this post today; my best friend, my forever soulmate, my sweet, sweet sister, Linley.

Linley and I share everything together. We've shared secrets, memories, laughter and like most sisters we've shared clothes. As many of you celebrated the announcement of Linley's pregnancy with me at the beginning of 2016, you may know that she is expecting a little baby boy! Needless to say, ever since becoming pregnant, Linley hasn't borrowed anything from my closet. It wasn't until Rebekah Adams, a friend of mine from college and designer of Poppyseed Clothing, that we found a dress that we could share - a dress Linley could wear pre-and-post-pregnancy.

Her design is genius: dual separating zippers are sewn onto inverted pleats, allowing anyone of any size to change the shape and style of the dress. It's perfect for hiding or even emphasizing a growing belly. Each dress holds endless possibilities, perfect for two sisters who have different styles. Linley is classic and very neutral, while I'm... well... not classic. That's what makes pieces like these so fun and functional: the dress can truly be whatever the wearer wants it to be. Isn't that how fashion should be all the time?

To see my last post all about Rebekah and Poppyseed Clothing, please read the full article here. For expectant mom's, I highly recommend you invest in The Zipper Dress. A big shout-out to Rebekah for designing a wearable, fashionable, comfortable dress for any woman.