Paris Couture: Behind-the-Scenes & the Rise of Snapchat

Over the years, I'm amazed at how well technology has partnered with fashion. For a while now, fashion and technology have walked hand-in-hand and have really encouraged the popularization of common social media accounts to be more than common social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now Snapchat - they are the perfect behind-the-scenes look into models, bloggers, and socialites lives. Snapchat in particular has become one of my favorite resources to use during fashion weeks because you get to see everything in real-time. We rely on technology so much more now than we ever did in this industry, and I feel so much more informed and educated because of it. 

Here are a list of the bloggers and brands I follow on Snapchat:

Kristina Bazan, blogger of Kayture @kristina_bazan

Chriselle Lim, blogger of The Chriselle Factor @chrisellelim

Gigi Hadid, model @itsgigihadid

Louis Vuitton @lvlive

Burberry @burberry

Irene Kim, model @Ireneisgood

Soo Joo Park, model @soojoomoojoo


The crèmè de la crèmè of fashion couture and fashion in general. Like every one of his collections, this one is exquisite. How Karl Lagerfeld goes through season after season recreating the traditional and renowned look of Coco Mademoiselle is beyond my design comprehension. He is unparalleled. Karl Lagerfeld you've done it again. 

My favorite part of the collection are the structural sleeves. The collection is lustrous and dazzling, easy on the eye but eye-catching. Chanel's textiles are always what draw me in; the feathery textures mixed with glossy silks, delicate sheers made structural through lapped pleating... Each look is the perfect combination of fabrics and embellishment. Feminine but not girly, powerful but not overbearing. I would personally watch the collection in-full online or look at the lookbook via the Chanel App. It's a moving thing to watch.