3 Tips for Shopping at SheIn

I can't tell you how many compliments I receive from readers and friends when I wear SheIn. Seriously. I can't. Every time I wear SheIn, I prepare myself to be asked where I purchased the item from, and how must it costs. I'll be honest, SheIn's clothing can be extremely hard to fit (Hint: I typically order one size up), but they supply women with trendy, fashionable pieces for affordable prices. Most women hesitate and really question the legitimacy of SheIn, so I decided to provide you all with 3 tips for shopping at SheIn online that I've picked up from wearing their product so you can feel more reassured! I've also made a wish list of items that I'm currently shopping, including old SheIn items that I'm wearing in this post. Notice how 95% of them are worn by a model? I'm telling you - as long as you keep these 3 tips in mind, you'll be golden!



1. Purchase items that are displayed on a model, not on a hanger. You can't understand how something fits, it's length, or silhouette without seeing it on a body! Unless I think the item is forgiving, or if I'm really willing to risk it, I only order items that are worn by a model.

2. Read the customer reviews. Most of the items I like are being looked at and purchased by others. Scroll to the bottom of the item page to see comments and photos from real customers wearing the product.  

3. Read the item description and measurements thoroughly. SheIn provides measurements for each item, and they are actually quite accurate. All it takes is a tape measure and a few minutes with a friend to measure yourself! The 5 minutes it takes will reassure you in your purchase, or steer you away from an item that will be too big/small.