Bedazzled Denim

It's crazy how the fashion pendulum swings back to some of the best and worst trends. Being born a 90s kid, each year of my childhood through adolescent life can be documented by whatever fad was the "it thing" of the moment. Roll-on body glitter from Bath & Body Works... stretchy tattoo chokers... Lisa Frank... I remember, vividly, a few pairs of my awesome bedazzled jeans from good ole Limited Too (bedazzled with butterflies and flowers - a 90s must).

Denim has become a focal point in fashion the past few years; boyfriend jeans, frayed ankles, high-waisted, stone washed and rinsed, distressed, and uneven hemlines. No one has the traditional denim anymore. Remind me, what is considered traditional denim anyways?! A pair of dark-wash skinnies? The resurrection of the bedazzled, embroidered denim is one trend that surfaced this season; surprising, but at the same time uber-nostalgic. I decided to give it one more whirl with a considerably more fashionable head on my shoulders than that of my 8 year old self.

Sweatshirt: Anthropologie (cool, cropped one here) | Denim: Anthropologie (similar here) | Jewelry: Anarchy Street (receive 20% off EVERY purchase using my exclusive code MELISSAD20) | Shoes: Zara (similar here) | Lip: Bite Beauty