Breathe Deeply

I have a nightly ritual. As soon as I methodically throw all my pillows into a pile on the floor and pull the top of my sheets down to the foot of my bed, I climb into bed and lie back. Then, I take a deep breath. For as long as I can remember I've done this every night; I lay there staring at the ceiling, going over the day in my head.

There have been nights when I would take in that deep breath and feel like I was suffocating; as if I didn't even feel my breath escape my body. As if there wasn't a breath to breathe out. I would breathe out as deeply as I could, but my breath was somewhere trapped inside. My sheets would create this pressure over my chest, like a huge weight was holding me down.

Thankfully, it's been a long time since I've experienced that feeling, and was briefly reminded of how far I've come after I stumbled across this mural. It read: "Breathe deeply. Appreciate the moment". Located in a place I frequent more than I'd like to care to admit, I was surprised at how I had never noticed it. Perhaps each time I've walked past it I've been in a rush, or had my eyes locked onto the screen of my iPhone... Or maybe I failed to recognize the message because I subconsciously didn't think I could ever relate to it.

I think we've all been there - we've all had moments when we feel like we're desperately gasping for air. We've all had moments where we've felt trapped, discouraged, broken hearted or betrayed. After finally pushing through and getting just a bit more air, we go about our lives thinking that we can get by. It isn't until we're on the last few seconds when we go gasping for more. We have to learn how to continue filling ourselves with air when we're still capable of breathing - not when we're too tired and out of breath and about to suffocate. What fills your soul with "air"? Then go out and get it!

I'll tell you, no amount of words could begin to describe how grateful I am for these last few months. I'm having the best time learning and exploring and being challenged as I start this new business. This mural was a very small reminder of how thankful I am for every moment I've had leading up to this point in my life - ultimately doing what I love most. I'm feeling so encouraged and loved on by all of you, and I haven't felt free like this in such a long time. Thank you for continually reading Mel in Chanel. I'm looking forward to seeing where it continues to go. If you're interested in working with me one-on-one as your Personal Stylist, please visit my website

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