Paris Couture: A Week-long Guide to Fashion's Most Glamorous Week

Although being in Paris and attending the top tier of fashion shows would be a dream, I'd like to think that I've found a way to follow along with Paris Couture as best as I can from home. I would love to be running all over Paris, sitting front row at all the shows and wearing the finest in Haute Couture, (not to mention stuffing my face in macaroons) but I'm simply not there yet. And that's okay. Someday!

I do this every season because I find it so important to know fashion. Most importantly however, I love seeing the beauty of fashion as it walks down the runway. To me, it's art. I'm able to see creations made by the most talented designers in the business, in their most original form; the way they envisioned them and then sketched them on paper and put them to life.

To help me through all seasons of fashion weeks, the Vogue Runway App is my constant resource. The reality is, I can't always make time to live stream the shows, but I can always scroll through the photos whenever I have free time. The Vogue Runway App features everything from photos off the runway, to backstage images of the hair and makeup or detailed shots of the shoes or accessories. It's as if I was there in the front row seeing them walk gracefully past me. Ok not really, but it will suffice for now!




All about geometric lines: high slits, plunging necklines, curves and cutaways... Donatella creatively folded, draped, layered and wrapped each fabric to create dramatic and sexy silhouettes - like futuristic Greek goddesses. Or warriors.

So strong and so fierce. 


Dior has and will remain one of my favorite fashion houses. I was worried about this show's collection after Raf Simons resigned late last year, but was stunned at the innovativeness, beauty and genius that continues to pour out of this house season after season. Off the shoulder silhouettes, delicate sheers layered over heavily embellished skirts, and precision and structure in tailored third-layers. I'd say these creative director's at large have outdone what the fashion world expected from them. Dior still reigns! Always so feminine and glamorous and somehow - wearable. I would wear any or all of these pieces in a heartbeat.


Giambattista Valli is just beautiful. I always imagine fairies floating around in Giambattista Valli; delicately landing on flower petals like honeybees in springtime. It's magical and idyllic. Lovely and exquisite.