The Zipper Dress: Reinventing Maternity Fashion

I am so excited to introduce this designer with you! Rebekah Adams studied fashion design with me at Meredith College, and since then has become the founder and owner of Poppyseed Clothing and designer of The Zipper Dress. She moved to Washington state after graduating to begin perfecting her design of an innovative dress that reinvents women's fashion. Through her brilliancy, Poppyseed Clothing has been born; a brand geared towards strong women and their changing lifestyles and bodies. 

Rebekah's product is simply remarkable. I emphasize simply because of the simplicity and the sense that this dress makes. Rebekah's Zipper Dress features two dual-separating zippers that are sewn onto inverted pleats, allowing any woman of any shape to change the style and size of the dress at the drop of a hat or from month to month. The Zipper Dress fills a hole in the fashion industry that should have been filled years ago, and Rebekah's innovative design has become the solution. She has bridged the gap between maternity and fashion-forward style to create a garment that can finally be both. As far as the name, Poppyseed Clothing came from the fact that most women find out they are pregnant at 4 weeks, at which time their baby is only the size of a poppyseed! How precious is that?!

With a six month pregnant sister, this problem has hit home for me for the very first time. Being trained in design, maternity fashion has been on my brain as everything she wears is either ill-fitting, uncomfortable or just too small. Maternity clothing is ugly and lacks personality - not to mention it can cost you hundreds of dollars for pieces you will only wear for 9 months. Realistically, not everyone has an expendable income and can afford an entirely new wardrobe. This is why Rebekah's Zipper Dress is so genius. Her design is perfect for wearing before, during and after pregnancy and is modern and sexy without being overt. The fabric is made up of 68% Viscose, 27% Nylon and 5% Spandex so that the dress can easily stretch and move comfortably with a changing body. Not only that - but the dresses are made in the USA. 

Please check out Poppyseed Clothing's website and pass the link along to your sisters, daughters or girlfriends who may be expecting! If you would like to purchase your own Zipper Dress, you can back Rebekah's Kickstarter through the following links. Also - be sure to check back in this Friday to see how I styled Rebekah's Zipper Dress for myself! You will NOT want to miss this one!

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