Queen Midas

My job is so easy when I'm given the opportunity to work with women that are just as passionate about what they do as I am. After getting lost through the pages of Natalie Frigo's website, I dreamt up the vision of this photoshoot. Natalie's jewelry is so fierce, she even told us her pieces captivate the warrior inside every woman - the one that isn't afraid to express herself. I knew this partnership would be such a success because that's the exact same philosophy that spurred on the beginnings of Mel in Chanel.

I couldn't get this image of a modern woman, high above her metropolis, wearing her fine clothes and her arms and hands drowning in Natalie Frigo. I thought of King Midas - a king who had the ability to turn anything he touched into gold. Perhaps some people would wish for that same power, but I began to think of the torment it must have caused him as even people he loved could not fall under his fingers. To me, it seems more like a curse than a gift - we may disagree on that. 

For "Queen Midas" I saw a woman slowly being tormented by the knowledge of her power. She doesn't mind that her only company comes merely from herself and her jewels. She is seduced by her selfish desires until realizes that her power alienates her from the rest of the world.



Photography |  Sarah Morrel @sarahmorrel

Makeup | Mena Garcia @mena_garcia

Jewelry | Natalie Frigo @bynataliefrigo

Venue | The Glass Box

Wardrobe | Zara

Styling | Melissa de Leon @melinchanel



Photography |  Sarah Morrel @sarahmorrel

Makeup | Mena Garcia @mena_garcia

Jewelry | Natalie Frigo @bynataliefrigo

Venue | The Glass Box

Wardrobe | Zara

Styling | Melissa de Leon @melinchanel