Refining Moment


I shared this post on Instagram last week and I thought it was about time to share it here, the place where I've been so personal and vulnerable with you for over 8 years. I am so excited to get back to blogging after having taken some time with God and away from all the noise. Why is it that we all want to be like everyone else? Just think: you didn't have to exist. But God had a plan for us, and long before we were even born He thought us up, each individually, and decided to create us with unique thoughts and unique physical attributes and unique characteristics because He thought that the world needed a *insert your name here*. You have purpose, you are beautiful, and God created you with you in mind because He knew you needed to exist for His glory.

As some of you may have noticed - I haven’t been blogging lately. I used to post 3-4 Instagram photos a day, did multiple shoots with multiple outfits at least 2 times a week, and would read up on the newest Instagram algorithms or “hacks” to get the most followers or more exposure. Blogging became a prison.

Then, along with a new job that encompasses all my passions, reality set in. I really don’t care about that stuff anymore. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not going to “fake it til I make it” because truth is: I’ve already made it. I’ve already succeeded in life and I don’t need a million followers to tell me that I have. I’ve accomplished so many of my own personal goals, I’ve started my own business, I’ve traveled, I’ve endured adversity, I’ve matured, I’ve been educated, I’ve made friends, I love and have loved, and I have a precious almost-2-year-old nephew that looks up to me and already thinks the world of me - regardless of how many followers on Instagram I have (Thank you @anfane for sharing a similar story with me last night. It’s crazy what these little ones can teach us!).

So I encourage you: Business owners, bloggers, young women chasing perfection; it’s fake. It’s NOT real. It’s NOT authentic. So don’t even think about comparing yourself. It’s all staged, tweaked, and edited. Surround yourself with people who don’t tell you your selfie needs a filter. Surround yourself with people who are real and kind and beautiful exactly how they are with no editing needed. Surround yourself with people who unconditionally love you (I’m so thankful for the unconditional love that Vanessa is pouring out over at @heartswoon). I’ve had too many conversations with young women about how social media is negatively affecting their self-worth. The road to perfection is unattainable and devastating. The social media world needs a big dose of transparency and honesty. Let’s create a movement of authenticity for our young people and for ourselves, where we break free from the mold, refine our self-destructive tendencies and own up to ourselves. We’ll all come out in the end shining like never before.

Lindsey Cash Photography