Shades of Gray

If black is the absence of color and white is an equal combination of all of the colors, where does that leave gray?

I was going to start off this post sharing that gray is my favorite color, but if it's mixed with two non-colors... does that make it a color? Whew, now I've confused myself.

How about this: my go-to neutral is gray. It's the color (or possibly non-color) that I always wear when I want to look cool or feel confident. Even on my dressed down days, I'm typically wearing one of my gray sweatshirts (I may or may not be wearing one of those sweatshirts as I type...).

What color makes you feel powerful or invincible? Or better yet, if you have an answer or thought to my "is gray a color" riddle, I beg you to leave a comment.


Lace camisole from Anthropologie (worn backwards)
Robe-coat from Anthropologie
High-rise cropped distressed skinny jeans from Citizens of Humanity
Gray chelsea bootie from Marc Fisher
Silver stacking rings from Anarchy Street (use my code MELISSAD20 to recieve 20% off your purchase)