Back-to-School Basic

I never went to private school, so I never had the honor (or maybe horror) of wearing one of those legendary pleated-skirt-and-polo school uniforms. However, if I had, I hope that I would have rocked one just as well as the infamous Blair Waldorf.

Typically an ugly color or unflattering cut, school uniforms have become a traditional silhouette gone wrong. I think the simplicity behind the idea of school uniforms is ingenious, and can be done the right way if you find great pieces to work with. Even though a "school uniform look" is not one I aspire to copy piece by piece, I like to take elements from it and make them my own. Layering, structured mini skirts, jackets and blazers are all classic pieces that when mixed together can create a youthful edge to an otherwise boring outfit. A few vintage pieces thrown in are also a must. They add interest and sophistication without being too mature and outdated. Liven up the horrid school uniform and put your own twist to it this school year. Give the uniform a good name by not being afraid to add the unexpected!

Top: Vintage Chanel (similar hereherehere, or here), Skirt: J. Crew (similar styles here), Jean JacketFlats: Talbots (similar herethese are almost exact, these area great deal), Sunglasses: ChloĆ© (similar here, or here), Earrings: Chanel (in love with all of these)