For You, Sweetheart

I love how selfless and complicated it can be to buy jewelry for someone. There are reasons why husbands buy their wives diamonds or why wives buy their husbands watches. There is a reason why wedding rings mark the symbol of love and commitment. It's a statement to the world around you as well as yourself that you're happily taken and you belong to someone. Receiving jewelry from a loved one makes you feel connected and adored. Each piece holds a part of the story you're writing together. What's more precious is the value that it holds in our hearts and not on our hands. 

Although every man may not have the funds to buy their woman diamonds, women go ga-ga for jewelry. Sure, we love the way it shines and sparkles and the compliments we get from it, but the greatest part about it is how it reminds us of the man who loves us. Something about it shows you how much he loves you and how much he desires you to see yourself the way he sees you. It's not about being materialistic. The bigger doesn't necessarily mean the better. It's a symbol of our man's devotion - and the stunning realization that he thinks you're worth loving. 

This year, I hand picked a few pieces from Henri Bendel that are sure to make every woman swoon. I've personally been going crazy over this year's updated pearl. I'm very nontraditional, and I love the way Henri Bendel has offered modern versions of the traditional piece while still remaining simple, go-to classics that every woman can wear everyday. 

This pearl lariat is sexy but subtle, and can be layered with other necklaces or stand alone. It's perfect for the sexy adventurist, who doesn't mind wearing a plunging V-neck blouse or dress.

The stackable pearl rings are a great option for the eccentric and versatile girl, who likes to mix things up, and likes to add a little sparkle here or there. The rings can be mixed and matched with rings she already has, and of course, go perfectly together. The pearl harness ring is ideal for the edgy girl that isn't afraid to add a bold statement. Powerful and stately, this ring will have every woman staring at her finger and dreaming about the man that put it there. 

I hope this helps some of you fellas out there find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart! Just remember: she will love anything you give her because it was given from you. It's a symbol, maybe a very small one, of your love and care for her. And that means much more to her than the ring on her finger.

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Pearl Lariat, Pearl Stackable Rings, Pearl Harness Ring all via Henri Bendel